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God Loves Rainbows!

(God said to Noah) "I have set my bow (rainbow) in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant (promise) between me and the earth."

Genesis 9:13

The people of South Africa were once described as a "rainbow nation." This was a brilliant way to speak of the people there who have many different languages, cultures, traditions and colours. God must love rainbows, as they are mentioned at three very important times in the Bible.

The first time was just after the great flood which had destroyed so much of the earth and the evil people who were living at that time. When the flood subsided God made a solemn promise that he would never destroy the earth by such a flood again. And God set a rainbow in the sky as the sign of that promise.

We read of a rainbow again when the prophet Ezekiel had a really wonderful vision when he was in the land of Babylon, where God's people were in captivity, and they thought God could not be with them there. But the sign that He had given him to show that God was there, all around him and in all his power and glory, was a beautiful rainbow — another sign of the promise not to forget his people.

The third time we read of a rainbow, a truly magnificent and beautiful one, is in the last book of the Bible. Again the rainbow was around the throne of God, this time in heaven. It was another sign of the greatness and glory of God, reminding us of his promises, his power and his everlasting faithfulness for all who love and follow him.

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