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Follow The Leader

Jesus said to them, "Follow me..." Immediately they left their nets and followed him.

Matthew 4:18–20

We used to enjoy playing the game "Follow My Leader". In and out of different objects we would go, often holding on to one another as we went.

The word "follow" is a very common word in the New Testament, often on the lips of Jesus. Jesus called certain men to follow him as his disciples. Others Jesus asked to follow him and leave the kind of lives they were living, for Jesus wanted them to change and live in his way. Indeed, the Christian life can be summed up in these few words; it means following Jesus.

If we are to become a follower of Jesus Christ it will involve us in certain actions. First of all we follow Jesus and Jesus only. We cannot be a follower of Jesus and still walk in ungodly ways. Then if we are to follow Jesus we must do so willingly. We read in the Bible of one young man to whom Jesus said, "Follow me," but he turned and went away sorrowfully, because he was rich and wanted to keep his riches instead of following Jesus.

As followers of Jesus we must be willing to learn — to be taught by Jesus all the things of God he wants us to know. Jesus' early disciples followed him closely during the time he was here on earth to learn all they could. There is always a cost in following Jesus — people you know may not want to be friends with you any more. But following Jesus always has a great reward — we will follow Jesus into heaven itself to be with him there. Ask the Lord to help you follow him all your days.

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