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The Heavens — The Work Of God's Fingers

I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers.

Psalm 8:3

King David of Israel was the writer of this psalm. David was not brought up in a palace; his father was not a king. David, the youngest of all his brothers, was a shepherd boy in his early years, and he knew and loved everything about the natural world around him.

I think it is very easy to see how David with his strong poetic talent just loved to sing about the world around him, the world which God has made. I have always loved the way David writes about the sky in this psalm. You can imagine him lying on his back in the open one starry night and just marvelling in the glorious beauty of the stars. He saw them as jewels set in a staggeringly lovely setting — all the work of God's fingers — God is so mighty and so fond of beauty.

When we live in a city perhaps we don't take time to appreciate the creation of God. The bright lights of the city tend to make it difficult to see the stars in their glory. When everything around us is man-made — the buildings, the roads, the lights and so on then we are apt to leave God out of the picture. But this should not be so. We must never forget our Creator — God. All the "artistry" of God went into the creation of the heavens but also into the creation of people. "What is man?" asks David. Then he tells us — people receive God's special attention.


Dear Lord, help me to give my special attention to you. Amen.

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