Walk With Me

A daily devotional from Billy Graham


A Happy Land

Blessed is the nation where God is the Lord

Psalm 33:12 (English Standard Version)

A happy land! Well, we live in a land where there are several billionaires, many more millionaires and rich people. Our shops are full of so much stuff — food, clothes, furniture, and household appliances — all in an amazing variety and quality.

Yet among all this we see poverty — homeless people and destitute asylum seekers. We also hear of so much knife-crime, drug gangs, suicides, and violence even at soccer matches and there is plenty of antisemitism and Islamaphobia. There must be something wrong for all these problems to flourish in spite of the obvious wealth which is also around. This is not a happy land.

The Bible shows us the secret of having a happy land — it is when God is the Lord. The great Reformer, John Calvin, wrote: "We cannot undertake or attempt anything with the prospect of success unless God becomes our guide and counsellor and governs us by his Spirit." (Commentary on Psalm 90:17) God must be at the centre of our national life if our nation is to be a happy land.

God's laws must prevail over all the worldliness and permissiveness so common among us. People imagine God's laws restrict our freedom and make for a miserable life. The truth is the very opposite. God wants us to live a full, free and happy life loving him and loving our neighbour.


Dear Lord, you have given us so much that is good. Please help us to live thankful lives that follow your ways and care for the people around us. Amen.

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