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God's Children... Children Of The Resurrection

Jesus said: "They are God's children, since they are children of the resurrection."

Luke 20:36 (New International Version)

Resurrection! Jesus Christ often had people arguing against his teaching. One of the groups of people who were opposed to his teaching was called the Sadducees. They were a powerful group of people in Jerusalem and they did not believe in life after death. As far as they were concerned there was no such thing as resurrection.

Sometimes they tried to make fun of Jesus and his teaching about heaven and the teaching about believers in God who go to heaven. (This was even more surprising since several of the High Priests were from the Sadducees.)

We don't hear anything about the Sadducees after the resurrection of Jesus. I don't know what they would have made of it. However, the resurrection of Jesus was the proof of the deity of Jesus — it proved he was God. It was proof also of the reality of everlasting life.

The poor Sadducees who thought themselves to be so clever and powerful were soon almost forgotten by the Jewish people, while the teaching of Jesus and the resurrection has gone throughout the world to bring salvation, comfort and great hope to all who put their trust in Jesus. They are God's children — the children of the resurrection.


Dear Lord Jesus, help me to know the glorious hope of the resurrection to everlasting life in heaven. Amen.

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