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A daily devotional from Billy Graham


Christian Trials

Why should I be afraid of bad days?

Psalm 49:5 (NCB)

Almost every day we get news of terrible things happening to Christian people within countries like India, China, in Africa and several Middle Eastern lands. There seems to be no end to suffering that is inflicted upon innocent people simply because they love and serve their Lord, and are different from those in power. For too many people this world must seem a horrible place.

When we think of that, it may seem a bit trite to say with the writer of Psalm 49, "Why should I be afraid of bad days?" Very many people are afraid of bad days because they suffer so much. So, was that writer wrong to say what he did? I don't think so — and I will tell you why.

God knows the wrongs and the suffering that people have to put up with and he cares for all his people who are caught up in the conflicts going on in the world. And God has a day when all who practise evil and inflict suffering on others will die, no matter how powerful and rich they may be in this life, and God will then hold them to account. "But God will save my life and will take me from the grave." (v15) That is the assurance of ultimate salvation given to every believer in Jesus. The memory of the pain, rejection and persecution will be forever wiped away and God will give the joy and the glory of heaven to those who endured so much on earth in his name.


O Lord I pray now for all those who are suffering because they are Christians. Please keep them strong in their faith and help them. Amen.

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