Walk With Me

A daily devotional from Billy Graham


Our Perfect Example

Christ, who suffered for you, is your perfect example. Follow in his steps.

1 Peter 2:21 (NLT)

Yesterday we were thinking about slates or papyrus which were used in former years to write things in school or, in the case of those who used papyrus, to write letters or documents. Today we go back to the school-room, to Primary 1 in fact! When I was in Primary 1 we were given books with letters which we had to copy. Gradually we became able to write the letters without the copy-book, but to begin with we needed the example letters and we had to be careful or else the teacher would become upset!

In the verse at the top of today's page we find the word example — it was the very word used for helping children to learn to write at the time the New Testament was written. The Apostle Peter used this word (the only time it is used in the New Testament) to teach us about suffering. Christians expected suffering in those far-off times just as very many Christians endure suffering in our time. In this, as in every way, the Lord Jesus is our perfect example and we should follow in his steps. The old hymn states: "Some will hate thee, some will love thee; Some will flatter, some will slight; Cease from man and look above thee: Trust in God and do the right." (Norman Macleod)

We look above to Jesus — he is our Example and we need to follow in his steps.


Dear Lord, you knew suffering and rejection. Please help me when I have to endure rejection and mockery for your sake. Give me courage. Amen.

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