Walk With Me

A daily devotional from Billy Graham


A Band Of Brothers And Sisters

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

Romans 15:7

One of the great things about Christianity is that it 'fits into' every country and people group where the Gospel is preached and believed. For people at every stage of development, whatever language they speak, whatever age they may be, the Gospel message — God's Good News — speaks to them. That is something we rejoice in and give thanks for. And that means wherever a Christian comes from, he or she is our brother or sister in Christ and we must welcome them into our fellowship and congregation, just as Christ received and welcomed us.

The congregation where we worship always has visitors and at this time of year, when families like to come together, there are perhaps more visitors than normal. It is our privilege to welcome them in the name of Jesus. It is also an immense privilege to belong to such a world-wide family. That means we must rejoice when God's blessing, maybe in revival, is being experienced in different parts of the world, or in different churches from ours — they are family. It means too that we must weep with those Christians who are suffering because they are Christians, and we must help them. Interestingly enough, the word the Bible uses for 'welcome' was used when soldiers were enrolled in the Roman army and 'welcomed' to a new regiment! We Christians are all enrolled in Christ's army to lead disciplined, active lives resisting evil and injustice in the world.


Help me, dear Lord, to welcome all who join us in worship. Amen.

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