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The Real Alternative Lifestyle

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth.

Colossians 3:2

Living an 'alternative life-style' is often a way of saying that someone is living in ways that the Bible condemns. But there is a Christian life-style that is really different from the ways that most people live, a life-style that puts God and his Word at the centre of all that we do. It's not easy to live this way because we can get 'sucked into' the ways and values of many folk around us.

What does a Christian life-style look like? It is a life-style that takes its values from heaven in the sense that its morals, its actions, its manner of speaking are all in line with what is taught in the Bible. It is a life-style that is active in telling people about Jesus, the one great Saviour of sinners. This is a vital part of loving our neighbours, something very important in God's eyes. And the Christian life-style puts more value on heaven than on the things of this life. A life lived like that will stand out as different from many people around us as we try to make sure the love and goodness of Jesus Christ shines through all we say and do.


Lord Jesus Christ, in a world where many people do not know much about you or your values, help me to show them just how wonderful and satisfying the Christian life truly is. Amen.

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