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Responses To The Gospel

And (Jesus) told them many things in parables, saying: "A sower went out to sow..."

Matthew 13:3

Jesus loved to paint pictures with words and he loved to tell stories. All the pictures he painted, all the stories he told had a very important purpose: they were to teach people about the Gospel and to draw people to believe the Gospel and to follow him. One of these stories was the parable of the sower, his seed and the ground on which it fell (Matthew 13:1-23). In this story Jesus compared the seed to the word of the Gospel which is told in churches and books and in conversations.

People receive this Word in different ways, like seed sown by the farmer in Jesus' time. Some seed fell on the path which ran alongside the field; some seed fell on rocky ground at the edge of the field; other seed fell among thorns and thistles, but most seed fell on the fertile ground of the field.

Jesus compared the ground on which the seed fell to the way people respond to the Gospel message. Some people's hearts are hard, and they do not respond at all; others seem to be delighted with the Word but after a while their enthusiasm goes; others believe for a while but turn away when troubles come; but some believe and bear fruit — they persevere and find great joy in following Jesus.

Where do we fit in to the picture?


Dear Lord, help me to believe and to follow you to the end. Amen.

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