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A daily devotional from Billy Graham



Choose this day whom you will serve.

Joshua 24:15

If you are a Starbucks customer you will know the whole range of coffees that you can choose from. We all like to make our own choices, whether it is for coffee or anything else.

In the book of Joshua, in chapter 24, we read about a time when the Israelites had to make a big decision. They had several choices, and Joshua was worried they would make the wrong choice.

You see, Joshua was now an old man. He had been a good leader for many years and he kept the people worshipping God and keeping to God's ways. But Joshua knew he was not going to live for ever, and the Israelites were living among tribes who did not worship God; indeed some of the tribes had really horrible religions and gods and the Israelites were tempted to follow these just as some of their ancestors had done.

So Joshua challenged the people to think seriously about their faith. As for himself and his family, Joshua said they were committed to the Lord and to serving him. So now Joshua challenged the people to choose either to follow the Lord sincerely, or to go after these other false religions.

The people made the right choice. "We will follow and serve the Lord," they said. "He is our God." Can we say this too?


O Lord, there are many wrong choices that tempt me. Help me to follow you only, faithfully and sincerely.

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