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Miracles, Signs And Wonders

Jesus feeds 5000 people

John 6:1-15

The Bible uses three words which are translated in English as miracles, signs and wonders. These words describe different acts and happenings which, as far as the New Testament is concerned, centred on the ministry of Jesus Christ and his apostles. The greatest miracle was the resurrection of Jesus. Other spectacular events, like the feeding of five thousand people, were seen as special signs telling us something of the nature and character of God. For example, after feeding all these people Jesus said, "I am the bread of life," (John 6:35) and he went on to explain what that means.

Some people deny that miracles ever existed. Their view of the world is such that they say: "You cannot alter the laws of nature to allow such things as miracles, signs and wonders to happen." They forget, or won't believe, that we live in the world God has made — the laws of nature are there because that is the way God made the world. And the God who made the world is alive and well and is altogether free to act in ways which please him. Miracles, signs and wonders can be seen as actions of God's mercy and grace as well as his power. We see this as the Gospels tell us about the works of the Lord Jesus. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to say you believe in miracles.


Lord, I do thank you that you are the God of miracles who is lovingly active in the world you have made, Amen.

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