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Here's Your Proof...

Thomas answered Jesus, "My Lord and my God!"

John 20:28 (New International Version)

If there were such a thing as a patron saint, then Thomas would be the patron saint of doubters! He just could not believe it when his fellow disciples said, "We have seen the Lord!" Thomas was absent when the risen Christ visited the house where the disciples were gathered. Thomas just would not be convinced — he needed proof before he would believe it.

And then the proof arrived! Jesus visited them again and Thomas was there. Jesus showed them his hands and feet, and encouraged Thomas to feel where the nails had been and where the spear had pierced him, as if to say: 'Here's the proof!' Thomas believed and he has given us one of the finest testimonies that anyone could give. He just said to Jesus, "My Lord and my God!" No more doubts, no more fears; if the many legends about him can be believed, Thomas became one of the furthest-travelled of all the apostles — even to India.

That is the testimony we too must have if we are to grasp what it is to be a Christian — an obedient and worshipping follower of Jesus Christ.


Dear Lord, help me to be like Thomas and bow before you in obedience, service and worship. Amen.

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