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And Joshua... sent two men as spies (to Jericho) and the men went and came into the house of a prostitute whose name was Rahab and lodged there.

Joshua 2:1-2

When you start looking into your family history you may find rather surprising facts. Many families have found 'skeletons in their cupboards' — ancestors who did strange things, or who were born in surprising circumstances or places.

At the beginning of the book of Joshua we are introduced to a woman called Rahab. It seems she didn't have a great reputation to begin with. But Rahab and her family became joined to the people of Israel when they entered the promised land of Canaan. After some time Rahab married a Jewish man called Salmon. It was from their family line that Boaz came. Boaz married a fine woman called Ruth and their great grandson was King David. Very many years later Rahab was mentioned among the ancestors of Jesus Christ (See Matthew 1:4-5).

Who would have thought that a woman of Rahab's reputation — and she was a Canaanite, not one of the people of Israel — would have special mention among the ancestors of Jesus? Indeed Rahab is mentioned another two times in the New Testament for the way she helped the people of Israel when they entered into the land of Canaan. It all goes to show that when we attach ourselves to the Lord God and his people, it does not matter what our background is but what counts is our faithfulness to Him. Rahab became a woman of faith in God.

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