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You Can Trust What You Read In The Bible

Luke wrote: "...it seemed good to me... to write an orderly account... that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught."

Luke 1:1-4

Perhaps you have sometimes wondered if what you read in the Bible is all true? Over the years many people have taunted Christians by casting doubt on the Bible, especially when it claims to be the very word of God (see 2 Timothy 3:16). Luke, who wrote the Gospel, is acknowledged to be a very careful writer, an educated man and a doctor, who accompanied Paul on many of his travels. Luke dedicated his Gospel to a nobleman called Theophilus, and he explains three very good reasons why he wrote the Gospel. These three reasons can apply to all that we read in the Bible.

Reason 1: Luke tells us that he received his information from eyewitnesses.

Reason 2: He said he had written an orderly account of the doings and sayings of Jesus. This means that Luke is writing a proper and trustworthy record of what the eyewitnesses told him of the life of the Lord Jesus.

Reason 3: Paul tells us he wrote so that Theophilus, and indeed all of us, can now have certainty about the teaching of Jesus. Just as Theophilus could be certain that what Luke wrote to him was true, so we may also trust not just what Luke wrote but the whole of the Bible. The Bible is a unity and one part helps to interpret another. It is all written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is God's word.


Lord, I thank you for the Bible. Help me as I study it. Amen.

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