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The Courage Of The Christian

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel

Romans 1:16

When the Apostle Paul wrote these words such a long time ago, he knew very well what a risk he was taking. People were being put to death for believing this Gospel so it took real courage to be a Christian. Why was Paul willing to put himself in such danger?

Well, first of all it was the Good News of God. We all like to get birthday cards; they tell us that somebody cares for us, remembers us. The Gospel is like God's card to us, a great reminder that he does care for us. The Gospel is what God promised in order to meet our need as lost sinners. It is good news that we have a living Saviour, Jesus Christ. And Paul wanted to tell people about this good news even if it were to cost him his life — which it did.

So here is a challenge for those of us who are Christians. Do we have the courage to tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ and God's good news? It is surely a cowardly thing to back away from telling people about our Saviour when we have the opportunity to do this. The old hymn says "Courage, brother! Do not stumble.... Trust in God and do the right." (Norman Macleod) With that in mind let us not be ashamed of the Gospel.


Dear Lord Jesus, give me the courage to spread the Good News which has changed my life, because you were not ashamed of me. Amen.

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