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Don't Forget To Go To Church

...not avoiding worshipping together as some do, but spurring each other on...

Hebrews 10:25

"I don't feel like going to church today." No doubt we have often said (or thought) that, and it seems the people to whom the book of Hebrews was written may have felt the same way. It's easy to forget why it is important for us to go to church and not to 'avoid worshipping together'.

Why is this important?

First of all we go to church to worship God. God, and only God, is worthy of our praise and honour. He is our Creator and he has commanded us to worship him. True worship always implies our loving obedience to him.

Secondly, it is important for us to go to church because there God's word, the Bible, is preached. God makes himself and his will known to us in his word and preaching helps us to apply that word to our understanding of what God wants us to do and how he wants us to live.

Thirdly, it is important for us to go to church because there we meet with other worshippers. Church is not a building, it is people — the people gathered together to praise God, to pray to God, to hear God's word, and it is there that God promises to be with those who worship him sincerely and truly.


Lord, help me to enjoy going to church to worship you. Amen.

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