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God Planted A Garden

And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east.

Genesis 2:8

I like gardening. There's something special about getting your hands into the earth and planting bulbs or bushes and watching them grow.

God had a wonderful idea when he planted a garden. The Bible tells us the garden of Eden was full of trees that were pleasant to see and their fruit was good to eat. Why did God create such a place? I think God just loved having this area with its colour, beauty and peace. But he also made this garden as a place where he could meet with the people he had created, Adam and Eve, and where he could enjoy friendship with them. The garden was a beautiful place for Adam and Eve to live in.

But there was one condition for living in the garden of Eden. God had marked two trees in the garden as special. Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit of those trees or they would surely die. Sadly, however, first Eve and then Adam disobeyed. They did eat the fruit of one tree. That disobedience (sin) has had enormous consequences not only for them, but for all the rest of us as well. Adam and Eve were put out of the garden and eventually they died.

We have inherited their disobedient nature — all of us sin. But God in his great mercy has given us a Saviour — Jesus Christ. He can forgive our sin and give us the promise of the tree of life — everlasting fellowship with God in the Eden above in heaven.

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