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Marching Orders

The Lord said to Joshua... Be strong and courageous.

Joshua 1:1-9

Joshua had been Moses' assistant but now Moses was dead. It now fell to Joshua to take over and lead the people of Israel into the land God had promised to give them. It was a big responsibility.

I think Joshua must have been really worried, scared even, because three times God said to him, "Be strong and courageous", one time even saying, "Be very courageous", and once he said, "Do not be afraid, and do not be dismayed". God gave Joshua a real pep talk and with it his marching orders as to how he was to lead the people. The secret of being a successful leader in this great task was to do exactly what God told him to do.

We will probably not be called to do a great work like Joshua was called to do but there is something every Christian is called to do that is vitally important and to do it well we need God's help and we need to stick to God's marching orders.

God calls each Christian to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:3). You see, in the world we live in so many people know nothing about the Christian life at all — they don't go to church, they may never hear the Gospel. That means each of us who is a Christian must live in a way that will show people that we are marching under God's leadership and that that is the best for all of us.


Dear Lord Jesus, I can get scared to witness for you at times. Please give me courage to live and speak for you.

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