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Was There Ever Such A Question As This?

(Jesus said) ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Psalm 22:1

Was there ever such a question as this? The writer of Psalm 22 was a prophet. With the inspiration of God's Spirit he was seeing into the distant future to the very day of Jesus Christ's death on the cross when Jesus cried out to God: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" What is the answer to that question when Jesus knew a terrible sense of being abandoned by God? Jesus was forsaken so that none of his children would ever need to utter such a cry of forsakenness. He came to experience the awfulness of being abandoned by God as he took the place of sinners so that they might be saved. So who delivered up Christ to die in such a way? "Not Judas, for money; not Pilate, for fear; not the Jews, for envy; but the Father, for love". (O Winslow).

How deep the Father's love for us, how vast beyond all measure,
That he should give his only Son to make a wretch his treasure.
How great the pain of searing loss; the Father turns his face away,
As wounds which mar the chosen one bring many sons to glory
(S. Townend)

God's way of salvation for sinners like us was indeed a costly and terrifying way for our Saviour, and costly too for the Heavenly Father who gave his only Son. The more we come to appreciate this, the more we will want to give our life to serve and praise him.

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