Walk With Me

A daily devotional from Billy Graham


The All-Knowing Saviour

He told me all that I ever did.

John 4:39

We all need the help of doctors at one time or another. Sometimes after an examination and tests the doctor may have to tell us bad news — the tests may show there is a problem that needs treatment. Or worse, there may be no cure at present for the problem.

One day Jesus met a woman who had a problem — a very severe moral problem. Jesus didn't need to call for any tests or expert help. He knew exactly what was wrong with the woman and she had to admit: "He told me all that I ever did." You can read the whole story in John 4:1-43.

In John chapter 2 and verse 25 we read that Jesus "knew people inside out" (The Message), and that was obvious from his conversation with this woman at the well in Sychar. She went to tell everybody about her conversation with Jesus and it was clear that the meeting with Jesus changed her life.

Jesus has not changed, although he is now at God's right hand in heaven. He knows us 'inside out', the good, the bad and the ugly — all the thoughts that live in our hearts and that we would like to hide. But the great thing about Jesus knowing us through and through is that we don't need to pretend with him. We can be completely open and ask him to deal with the problems of our hearts. The Bible calls them sin and there is only one Saviour who can help us, and that is Jesus. With him there is a complete cure for all who come to him for salvation.


Lord Jesus, I thank you that you know me and I pray that you will cleanse me from all my sin. Amen.

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