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A daily devotional from Billy Graham


What's Your Excuse?

Jesus said: "A man once gave a great banquet and invited many... but they all alike began to make excuses."

Luke 14:14-18

Excuses! Not many of us would pass up an invitation to a great banquet. Each year our Moderator is invited to a great banquet at the Palace of Holyrood House — and no one makes an excuse not to go. But many of the people mentioned in Jesus's story did make excuses not to attend the banquet — and some silly excuses they were.

The story Jesus told was a parable and, like all of his parables, this one had a very serious side to it. It has to do with the Gospel invitation which Jesus extends to all of us to come to him and to enjoy the great 'feast' of good things which are all included in his salvation. But so many people give all kinds of excuses why they don't come to follow Jesus as their Saviour. Some say they don't need him — they are good enough. Others say the Bible isn't true (although they have never read it!); others say that science disproves what the Bible says (although they may know very little of science or the Bible). But there are others who do hear the Gospel and may say they will think about it — another time.

How often excuses turn out to be disasters; opportunities lost for ever! Do you have an excuse for not having come to Jesus yet? Don't make any more excuses; don't put it off.

Pray now and ask the Lord Jesus to bring you to himself and to save you. Turn over your whole life to him and he will keep you and care for you for ever.

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