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A daily devotional from Billy Graham


Back-Room Staff

Tola son of Puah... rose to the occasion to save Israel... He judged Israel for twenty-three years... After him Jair the Gileadite stepped into leadership. He judged Israel for twenty-two years.

Judges 10:1-3 (The Message)

Have you ever looked carefully at the list of people whose names are scrolled on our screens at the end of a TV programme or at the end of a film? Nearly always the list is long and we probably never bother to take more than a passing interest in it. Yet without all these people the film or the programme would not be made. The back-room staff may not be the 'stars' but there would be no 'stars' without the back-room staff.

Maybe you have never taken much notice of the two men who are written about at the top of the page. Tola and Jair were like two members of the 'back-room staff' but between them they judged and led Israel for a very considerable period — 45 years in total. It seems they did a good job even although we don't read of them again in the Bible story.

Have you ever thought about the many 'back-room staff' who have helped you in your life, or the people who help us in church each week but whose names are not up in lights, yet they help us enormously? Thank God for them. Like Tola and Jair they serve God just as effectively as the 'stars'.


Dear Lord, I do thank you for the many people who help me each day. Show me in what ways I could make life easier for the people I meet each day. Amen.

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