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A daily devotional from Billy Graham


Wasn't That A Happy Coincidence?

Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, "Rise and go toward the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza."

Acts 8:26

Life is full of strange coincidences — or is it? The interesting story of Philip and the Ethiopian official is a case in point. Philip must have wondered why ever he was being told to go to that particular place — "This is a desert place." (verse 26)

But Philip obviously obeyed this prompting by the Spirit (the angel of God), and found himself walking this lonely road (it was a road seldom used at that time). However, Philip found he was not the only traveller on the road. And it so happened that the other traveller was reading the Bible as he went in his chariot, and was finding it difficult to understand what he was reading. Now, wasn't that a happy coincidence that Philip caught up with him as he puzzled about the words in his Bible? Philip explained it all to him and by the end of the conversation the man became a Christian. A coincidence? No indeed; this was all by God's appointment.

Philip was a man who was ready to be used by God and so God was ready to use Philip. If we are willing to be used by God, we may find God will lead us to someone who needs spiritual help or who is lonely or in trouble — and we 'just happen' to turn up at the right time. Not really a coincidence, but a willingness to be used by God wherever he needs us. So we may be a blessing to others. Philip went on to other places where God used him again in many ways. (You can read the whole story in Acts 8:26-40.) Let's ask God to make us ready and willing to hear his voice and to go where he leads us.

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