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Unbelief And Its Consequences

So the people were upset with Jesus... So he did not do many miracles there because they had no faith.

Matthew 13:57-58 (NCV)

Upset with Jesus! No doubt most of us would just love to have heard Jesus speaking and teaching and to have seen the miracles that he worked. We would not have become 'upset with Jesus', would we? I wonder. These people who heard Jesus in Nazareth long, long ago knew him well; they knew his brothers and sisters and they had known his father. Why were they now upset with him? I think some were jealous — "Who does he think he is?" Some were angry because he had said things which probably pricked their consciences. Some people just closed their minds to what he was teaching — they had no faith. They just refused to believe anything he said.

The consequence of this was that Jesus did not do many miracles there in his home town. What blessings they missed! What good they missed because of their unbelief!

And it is exactly the same today. If we shut our minds to what Jesus is saying to us in the Bible, if we refuse to obey him and just go our own way, we too will miss a great blessing and much good, and will be left to answer for our unbelief. One day Jesus will ask us: "Why did you not believe me when I could have been so good for you and given you the gift of my salvation?"

Think seriously about that.


Dear Lord, help me to realise that unbelief has serious consequences. Amen.

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