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A daily devotional from Billy Graham



And God said...

Genesis 1:3

I have been reading the book The Secret Life of Words by Henry Hitchings. It is a fascinating study of how English became English and it is fun to read. I suppose we don't normally give much thought to the words we speak or how many words we use in any given day. But how wonderful it is that we do have words with which to communicate with one another, whether by speaking or writing. Words are wonderful.

And we read that God also used words to communicate with us. Throughout the long history of the Bible's story, God has been communicating with people in order that they might know him and know how to react to the words he has given them.

We, too, must give heed to the Bible's message — it is God's word to us today and it is a word that not only gives us information but it is a word that challenges us to do what God wants us to do.

In the Old Testament when we read that God 'said' something, it always means that God also 'did' something. For example, God said, "let there be light," and there was light (Genesis 1:3). Now, when God speaks to us in the Bible, he expects us to act on what he says. One of the greatest messages in the Bible which God gives us is about Jesus. God said: "This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased; listen to him." (Matthew 17:5) And when we listen to Jesus he says to us: "Follow me." (Mathew 4:19) Let's act upon that!


Dear Lord Jesus, help me to obey your words and follow you. Amen.

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