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Face To Face With The Almighty

God then confronted Job directly: "Now what do you have to say for yourself?..." Job answered: "...I'm ready to shut up and listen."

Job 40:1-5 (The Message)

You can't help feeling sorry for Job. He had been through so much and now we find him having to stand up and face God. We read that God spoke to Job out of a violent storm — it is a symbol of all that Job had been going through. He had been tossed to and fro by his physical problems and the criticisms of his friends. He was at a loss to understand what was happening to him and why. And then God spoke to him. The final chapters of the book of Job are truly wonderful chapters. They did not give Job answers to all his questions in a way. What God did was to show Job what he, the Almighty, really was like. God was far and away greater and more wonderful than Job had ever imagined. God was far and away wiser than Job had ever imagined and, as Job found out in the end, God was far more loving and generous that he had ever imagined.

When faced with all of that, no wonder Job was "ready to shut up and listen."

Well, how about us? God hasn't changed. Today we can say that God has shown us even more of himself and his grace, mercy and love than he showed to Job because Jesus came into the world — God's only and well-loved Son — to be our Saviour. Are we tempted at times to grumble about God and his ways with us? Should we not 'shut up and listen to him', the Almighty? He cares for us.


O Lord, help me to realise just how wonderful you are. Amen.

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