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So Shall My Word Be

For as the rain and snow come down from heaven... so shall my word be...

Isaiah 55:10-11

As I am writing this it is a very showery day — no snow but rain, lots of it! As I came into my study — getting wet in the process for the study is in a shed in the garden — I was reminded of these lovely words in Isaiah 55. Indeed the whole of this chapter is so encouraging — it is a real Gospel chapter and it is well worth your time reading it.

Through the prophet, God is telling us about the 'fruitfulness' of his word — which we have today in the Bible. Just as the snow and rain meant the ground would be ready for seed and plants to flourish, so God says his word shall not return to him empty but it will accomplish all that he wants it to do.

One of the great Christian activities over very many years has been the work of the Bible Societies, helping people all over the world to get Bibles in their own languages at reasonable prices. God's word has gone out to the ends of the earth. And, of course, it is accomplishing great things.

It is also a great encouragement for preachers of the Gospel to know that when they faithfully proclaim God's word, that word will accomplish what God wants it to do. God wants his word to accomplish great things in your heart and mind too. It can make a terrific difference to us when we take it seriously.


Dear Lord, thank you for the Bible. Help me to read, study and live its message. Amen.

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