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A daily devotional from Billy Graham


Our Inheritance

...an inheritance that is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay.

1 Peter 1:4 (New Living Translation)

People are usually interested in what they can expect to get when their parents or their loved ones die. The heir of a very rich person may expect to get not only money but property and land. If the person who died was an aristocrat then the heir would inherit the title as well — perhaps duke or sir or some other such title. In that case the inheritance was very important indeed.

There are many references to inheritances in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New. But let us confine ourselves here to just the reference that Peter makes in his first letter, chapter 1. "An inheritance pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay". It certainly sounds an impressive inheritance, but who is it for?

This inheritance is for every member of God's family — that is those who have been born again (verse 3). Through that new birth we come into a new family — God's family — and we become joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus of the great inheritance blessings of God. We come into the full riches of our inheritance not when God dies — that will never happen — but when he takes us home to heaven at the end of our life here.

He is guarding our inheritance so that it can never disappear or lose its value. What does it look like? Too wonderful for words according to Paul (1 Corinthians 2:9) and glorious (Ephesians 1:18). All of this comes through God's great mercy for each of his children.


Dear Lord I do thank you for making me your child. Help me to look forward to my heavenly home. Amen.

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